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Director word

In the world that the pace of the change and scientific progress was accelerated, the information sits on the throne of power and became the language of the century and a title of the excellence. With science, the nations advance and civilization constructed. From this big title the thought banks and research centers gaining its featured  status and it’s active presence in directing the helm of change and set its rhythm. Informations are latent resources in the paths of human horizon until it used in the thought and scientific analysis unit to provide an important  ammunition in crystallization of perception and build plans and adopting of strategic options.


The proximity of thought banks from circles of decision  making and strategic makers in the countries of developed world; has gave the  decision-makers in these countries unique opportunities and specific capabilities in building strategies and achieve targets in best ways and less costs; these important decisions became improve in the thought and knowledge banks before they embodied situations in reality, all this explain  the widespread of research centers and it’s importance in these countries ,  therefore, close to this approach, the theory of elite woven the strings of it’s hypotheses when it made the knowledge banks the main source to take decisions and  draw  general policies.


In a country surrounded by challenges and threats like Iraq, there is an increased need for scientific research and strategic planning that offered by research centers and thoughts banks to override problems that undermined the advancement of progression process.


Based on the above, and in order to contribute effectively in the process of scientific and civilized construction and adopt effective strategies to achieve targets and protect vital interests for our country, , our center message has crystallized and defines its path in the field of strategic research and analysis. it was an academic environment and a promising scientific edifice in University of Karbala, within formations of Ministry of higher education and scientific research in Iraq, taking it’s destination through scientific research and cooperation, with experts and specialists represented by seminars, studies, colloquies, training courses and national and international conferences, armed with team spirit, perseverance and excellence to take a featured position in the way of science and civilized building civilization and seek for a role in the field of bridging relationship between the knowledge and application and between academic atmosphere and decision maker.


However, what our center seeks for its future achievements and targets goes far beyond achieved to this day.The ambition of our center and its members tends to provide strategic visions and promising treatments for intractable and endemic problems in society and state institutions, and facilities the way of civilized advancement for our country by benefiting from experiences of advanced nations in order to achieve it’s highest goals. God grants success.