Duplication of international justice standards between Ukraine and Palestine

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Writer:Asst.prof.Dr. Hamad Jassim Mohammed/ centre for Crisis

management department / Centre for strategic studies-Karbala University

Translated by: Hiba Abbas Mohammed



Since the establishment of the United Nations organisation in 1945 and before, Hundreds of conventions have been concluded specialised in human rights, aims to achieve international justice, It has established international tribunals to deal with these issues, such as the International Criminal Court . It has played some role in many parts of the world where internal conflicts and regional wars have occurred. In fact, some national leaders and individuals have been brought to the ICC to do justice. However, despite the existence of so many international governmental and non-governmental organizations, most of their decisions are selective, characterized by politicization, vested interests and struggles for spheres of influence, rather than seeking justice.In fact, some countries control these organizations.


If we compare between what happens in Palestine since 47 years ago and Ukraine now, we see double standards and a lack of public interest. And attempts to exploit human rights for purposes and interests against other states, the crimes committed by Israel against Arab States in general and Palestine in particular since 1948 have resulted in hundreds of thousands of victims and millions of displaced persons. Moreover, Israel has violated international resolutions on the question of Palestine. On the contrary, the Security Council and the United Nations have not forced Israel to implement international resolutions. One of these crimes in the assassination of the journalist Shereen abo akla in May 11 2022 in Jenin camp, but Israel didn’t admit the crime and the international reaction is just denounced, In Ukraine, When the first shots of the Russia-Ukraine war were fired,  hundreds discussions was taken against Russia, including the imposition of economic sanctions, and freezing its membership in the International Human Rights Council, and in the wake of the Bucha incident, U.S. President Joe Biden accused Russia of supporting terrorism, supplying Ukraine with various weapons and equipment, providing tens of billions of dollars in financial aid, and harnessing the potential of Western countries and NATO to help Ukraine, all of which are less well known. This undoubtedly shows the duality of international human rights standards  and the support of Western nation, and the United States in particular, for the crimes committed against the Palestinians by the Israeli entity, and  Lack of accountability despite all the international resolutions and appeals.


Nevertheless, the most significant feature of  journalist Shereen Abu Akla murder It came at a time when the international community acted on Ukraine and adopted resolutions against Russia that even suspended Russia’s membership in the U.N. ‘s Human Rights Council, putting some pressure on Western countries that began timidly demanding an investigation into the incident, High-level European countries also expressed their condemnation, as well as the press statement of the United Nations Security Council meeting on May 14, 2022 and distributed to Member States through the United States, in which the Council condemned the killing of Palestinian journalist  Shereen Abu Akla and called for a prompt, thorough, transparent and impartial investigation into her killing. The Council emphasized the need to ensure accountability, and protect  journalists as civilians. The attack on the journalist’s funeral procession by Israeli physical police, the beating of mourners and the shooting down of her funeral have had a painful impact on people all over the world, which can neither be denied nor ignored by Western American propaganda machines. So the war in Ukraine and the death of a Palestinian journalist could lead to a new human rights policy with the same view for all victims, and the EU calls for a serious solution to the Palestinian issue on the basis of a two-state disassemble and put an end to these sufferings.