The vision, mission and objectives of the center

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The vision, mission and objectives of the center: Vision: Excellence and leadership, regionally and internationally in the research and strategic analysis. Mission: The effective contribution for Iraq decision-making process through high quality studies and researches, and strengthening the strategic analysis capacities in according with the high level competitive standards. Objectives: – Developing the strategic awareness among the senior leadership in the state, to enhance their ability to make a decision. – Enhance their predictability of events in accordance with the distinguished academic standard; to face various forms of the strategic challenges. – Preparation of highly skilled scientific staff in research and strategic analysis. – -Build bridges of cooperation and exchange of information with governmental decision-making centers, and also with researchers and strategic studies renters within and outside Iraq. – Create high-quality academic environment to encouraging strategic analysis experts from within and outside Iraq to meet; to develop strategic research methods and to exchange expertise in various issues, so as to promote international security and peace path. – Preparation a distinctive researches and studies which contribute to enhancing the scientific research and academic process in the University of Karbala and to achieve its advanced position in the international quality standard.