Hidden wars

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Writer:  Lecturer. Muayed Jabbar Hassan/ political studies department

Translated by: Hiba Abbas Mohammed


It’s difficult for humanity that starts on the earth with the murder to find peace, and accept others.


optimistic person who consider wars -that happened here and there- the only thing that violates international peace and security, as well as hidden wars.


Fragile peace is just a mirage in a world full of conflicts, and it’s not more than a minute,  The parties to these conflicts are not necessarily the Governments and armies of large or medium-sized countries, but there are always larger countries and armies that control even the will and destiny of people who are wrongly described as neither led nor defeated.


Principal of good faith in international relations is not important, because these relations is controlled by willfulness, persistence and conspiracy theories.


In the news of the world you will see hidden conflicts, it’s victims not necessarily the parties of the conflict or the disputants but the public.


The field of the wars not necessary the earth or the sky, it’s may be throw Net by hackers who attack the international peace of any country.


Hidden wars is no less cruel than conventional wars, and the human being is less than just a number, it’s important to achieve goals with the least losses, a victory here is  not achieved by night’s moral but through escaping from battle or made an agreement with an enemy to beat a friend as well as unexpected behaviors, but some countries pursuing it for their interests and struggle for survival in a discordant international community.