Arab Crises: absurd war of George Qardahi as a model

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Writer: Assistant Professor Dr. Khalil Judah  Abd Al- Khafaji/ researcher in the Centre for strategic studies- Karbala university

Translated by:   Hiba Abbas Mohammed

The world in general, and our Arab world in particular, is faces economic, political, military crises, As a result for international or regional agendas or conflicts, works for different forces, we do not exclude any Arab country living in peace without any

external intervention.

One of them Cairo crisis about the Nile with Ethiopia and Sudan and it’s effect on Cairo’s growing economy, and the crisis of Algeria and Morocco desert and the tension of relations between them, Morocco’s conflict with the  and the Polisario front and the  threat of destabilising the two States.

In Asia, we find many crises because the internal and external interventions especially in north Iraq ,and the Iranian support for some groups or parties, and ISIS’s threat to the region and the consequences of entry of  some countries into the region for different causes.

While UAE suffering from  anticipation and caution, as well as  Iranian ,American, and British conflicts around the region, to safeguard the interests of these countries.

But we talk about the war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, that killed many innocent people, caused poverty and destruction, described by Lebanese minister of information  George Qardahi as an (absurd war)  led to a violent media attack by Saudi Arabia and its rejection of Qardahi’s words. deterrent action was taken against Lebanon, for that the Government asked him to resign, to ensure Saudi support for Lebanon, then the (absurd war) led to his resignation a few days ago.

Today, we need to gather the aspects of Arab life, to build a strong generation not provoked by crises and strife,  able to face difficult life, reject violence , resolve all crises in peaceful ways away from the use of weapons, especially with the country of the region, accept other and live in peace