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Ahmed Kadhum Bareas Kalil Al-Yasary

السيـرة الذاتيـة C.V البيانات الشخصية Personal Information الاسم الرباعي احمد كاظم بريس خليل اليساري Ahmed Kadhum Bareas Kalil Al-Yasary Name الجنسية عراقية Iraqi Nationality تاريخ الميلاد 23/9/1972 23/9/1972 Birth date… Read more »

Hidden wars

  Writer:  Lecturer. Muayed Jabbar Hassan/ political studies department Translated by: Hiba Abbas Mohammed   It’s difficult for humanity that starts on the earth with the murder to find peace,… Read more »

Could there be Cyberweapons ?!

Author: Hussain B Abdulameer. Head of the International Studies Dept. Published by: Center for Strategic Studies/ Kerbala University. 2 March 2021 The possibility of using ICT for military-political purposes is… Read more »