New Zealand attack indicators

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Author: Lecturer. Muayad Jabar Hasan

Researcher at: Political Studies Department

Translated by: Lecturer. Hussain B Abdulameer

March / 2019



In an attack, the first of its kind in New Zealand, terrorist Brenton Tarrant, 28, opened fire on worshipers at two mosques during two weeks ago targeting the Friday prayers, and the estimated number of victims were more than 50 people, except for the injured. New Zealand’s and international officials described the event as a terrorist act. This armed terrorist act points to several points:

  • Rising ethnic and religious tensions among New Zealand society groups to the extent that an indigenous member thinks of killing a the other who is different with him and expresses an extreme attitude towards Muslims and immigrants.
  • Advanced technology for communications and the Internet employ as an adjunct in the promotion and dissemination of extremist ideas and behaviors, the attacker was broadcasting a live broadcast of the process of depriving life without mercy.
  • The world has entered in the vortex of action and the opposite act. One of the reasons why Muslim terrorists boast of killing others, whether Western or Arab, is to take revenge for Muslim blood. This argument was taken by the same New Zealand striker to avenge the killers of his countrymen.
  • Migration to the Western world was in itself a great tragedy for the people who came out of it. This migration represented great harm to the receiving societies. Right-wing currents have rejected these immigrants, To the extent that these currents have more support in the ballot boxes.
  • Frequent attacks by some young immigrant against European citizens have led to increased tensions between the two sides and increased criticism of politicians who have tolerated the arrival of those across the border.
  • The man who carried out the crime he knows what to do exactly as if he were trained on it, and the method of firing high accuracy without confusion or hesitation and his ability to frustration with ease one of the victims try to intercepting his way, he may be a military or a trainee for the killing of humans for a non-simple period.


Thus, this attack reminds millions of migrants who have crossed the overseas for a better life than in their homelands, that the communities they have migrated to do not give up their anxieties, that the differences among cultures may causes clashes between the two parties which may to a massacre may occur that kills dozens of this party or both parties.

It is also necessary to expect that terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda, while living in their final breath, may try to re-polish their image through a retaliatory attack on a church in a Western or Arab country, to appear as an avenger of the blood of innocent Muslims.

Finally, such tragedies should not go unnoticed. It is not enough for the criminal to be sentenced to life imprisonment or execution. The culture that gave birth to such a bloody act is to be condemned. It is present in the heads of Westerners and not alien to them. Racism are exists and blacks have long suffered it. Here the wise people of all parties, nationalities and religions must stand up to the causes of hatred, spite and blind antipathy, and try to develop solutions to address the treatment and thought that incubating, in order not to repeat the tragedy, in which the loser will be the victims and their families and the only winner is extremism and racism on both sides.